On Scale 1 to 5: Are You Ready To Leave The School Yet?

I bet, while attending high school, everyone had this one feeling of deadly wanting to leave the school, be a college student and get a job as soon as possible because ‘adult’ sounds fun, right? That I-can-do-whatever-I-want-to and nobody-can-force-me are like rewards you get when you finally reach the late teen ages so proud to be called an adult. The outraging desire to be off school compound possibly because we want to be free from its rules and regulations; the do’s and don’ts.Read More »


Half-baked Year

It’s a normal thing people embracing new year with new resolutions. Some resolve to complete tons of things in a year, some simply recycle last year incomplete resolutions which were actually recycled from two years ago. Some determine to achieve something for own self; losing some weight, be free from toxic relationships or others might perfectly reanimate the phrase ‘go with the flow’.

If you ask mine, I will say I have no specific resolutions for this year but to be happy and love myself more. Because hating myself and condemning own potentials in all those previous years had been exhausting and too harsh for me. Before, were bumpy rides for me. I wish for nothing than a smoother sailing ahead.Read More »

Your Name

Your name.

It soothes me.

It's so euphonic. Make me wanna know you more. To see if you are as pleasant and soothing as your name sounds.

Trying to love your name, unbeknownst to me, I fell for you.

Falling for you, I'm falling deeper each day that I lose sight of the light above.


Falling for you is the best thing ever happened to me.

Day 3:KL-Klang-Penang

6 August 2017

It’s the third day and the last day. As told before in my previous post, we will be leaving for Tunku Abdul Rahman street today. We overslept last night and checked out at 11.00 am. Have anyone ever tell you guys about going in with less and out with more? Exactly. We came with three bags and left with more than five bags. Where the hell did all of them coming from, I have no idea. Lol, yes some are from my shopping and some are the result of poorly packed bags.Read More »

Day 1: Klang-KL

It was a hectic day, phew!

I just returned from Jordan yesterday at 3.15pm local time. I had my domestic flight to Penang International Airport exactly one hour and a half after my main flight. I miscalculated my journey. I thought there would be ample time for me to wait for the baggage, ran and got to KLIA2, then checked in baggage for my Air Asia flight to Penang. Hell no. There was no time at all. So my only available and logic choice was to left my 23kg baggage with my friend here at Selangor and I myself ran to KLIA2 because my boarding time was at 4.15pm and I was still waiting my inter terminal train at 4.10pm. How crazy was that?Read More »