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Feminism, a movement started to support women’s rights on the basis of equality of sexes. But what feminism projects today has changed over the past decade. It began as a movement to fight fo… Source: Feminism today


Biggest shits are actually coming from yourself and you just do not know them.

It's a shitty attitude. I cursed him, I accused him for never fucking care about my feelings. I accused him because of my own mistakes. It wasn't a big deal at first, at least for me but by time it became the main reason why I hate myself for pissing off at him of things that I shouldn't. I was so overwhelmed by my emotions at the moment, that all my reasoning and words seemed to slack off. They did not make any sense at all. 

Nurturer of Time: A Golden Timing

It’s been three months now. And I guess time sure has its way of going up and down.


This year’s progression is at it utmost best.

While it is too early to be deciding the ending of this year; up until the fourth chapter, everything is on the ‘well’ and ‘decent’ tracks. Even though there were some events recently that made me jumping from the bed and literally have my hands and thoughts on those, they didn’t have their way of breaking through all good four months I had.

I can say, it is a timely year.

When I was pushed down to the ground and crushed from all directions; in the most terrible way you could ever imagine, I was juiced out of the confidence I once had, imprinted the self-inadequacy and belittling myself in the worse way; lead me nowhere to go. I was gasping for air, for help and for all hands I could have at that time. There was no pain so I was never aware slowly…

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