Day 3:KL-Klang-Penang

6 August 2017

It’s the third day and the last day. As told before in my previous post, we will be leaving for Tunku Abdul Rahman street today. We overslept last night and checked out at 11.00 am. Have anyone ever tell you guys about going in with less and out with more? Exactly. We came with three bags and left with more than five bags. Where the hell did all of them coming from, I have no idea. Lol, yes some are from my shopping and some are the result of poorly packed bags.


We took approximately 45 minutes from Klang to Tunku Abdul Rahman street. The last time I went there was four years ago, when I was 18 years old. That was such a long time ago. For those who don’t know what is Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman or for short we call it Jalan TAR, they have streets of open stalls which sell scarfs and ‘tudungs’, cloths of various patterns, colours and textures. They even have English cotton style sold there. I bought myself some for my next Baju Kurung. Well, that is the easiest outfit going to the hospital anyway. Luckily, I am a girl. And girl always has quite good selection of outfits; jubah, baju kurung, blouse for top and trouser pants; all of them are still considered formal.


I bought some for my mom and sister. It’s not that I can’t find all those stuffs back at my home, but here they have more choices with cheaper prices especially if you buy them (secara borong). The weather was quite good, not too hot and not too windy as well. One thing you need to know, they don’t sell brand clothes here. You can find Kamdar and Gedung Gulatis here, but if you intend to look around for a Nike or Adidas stuff, you won’t find it here. Even ‘tudungs’ sold here are not those from Neelofar Hijab or dUCk scarves by FV. It ranges from RM10 to RM25 for one piece.

The hardest part about coming here was to find a place to park your car. It is a choice to park your car in a paid parking lot or you need to find an available spot but you have to walk a distance to Jalan TAR. ‘PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK’. If you are not familiar with the place you may choose a spot with clamped zone warrant. To save ourselves some time we chose to pay for a parking and it costed us RM10 per entry, not per hour. To make it more worthy, it is advisable for you to spend hours there because you pay per entry not per hour.

So, no we didn’t go to neither Sungei Wei Plaza nor India Street. I still had costumes to find so we headed for Berjaya Times Square. It took about 15 minutes from Jalan TAR. I swear this is the worst experience on malls I had ever had. I remember three years ago coming to the mall but it was never like this. I mean, is the inside was always like that? Or I mixed it with MidValley Mall? I am so sure it was Berjaya Times Square before. It has two wings; east and west, with the main building at the centre. I tried to find our way exactly as what my mind remembered from three years visit before. But I failed. They are no branded stores there, I couldn’t find any Watson or Guardian there. It was so weird. Bu I did find its theme park.

I went to three stores but none of them sold costumes. They were either store which sold clothes with some rock band logos or action figures. I tried going to AEON Shah Alam and look what I found there!!! Actually, photo is not allowed there. You can find Animix store at Floor 1 AEON Shah Alam.

and there is one cafe decorated with anime theme. The Vanguard Cafe. I don’t have any pictures of it so I google them. It’s cool right?! At the end, I didn’t buy anything. They don’t even have Kaneki mask, how am I to find Akatsuki cloak? We have two stores at Penang which sell anime stuffs and merchandises. They have Kaneki mask. So I guess here at Shah Alam or Selangor, they’ll have bigger store or collections. So I was kind of hoping to find one or two here.

Talking about anime, I was not a fan until two years ago. I love watching Naruto on television whenever they broadcasted it on Cartoon Network channel, two episodes on Friday. It was dubbed in English. And I stopped watching Naruto when my favourite character Hatake Kakashi died when Pain or Nagato, a former member of Akatsuki attacked the village. I reread the manga two years ago because Kishimoto intended to finish the 700th chapter that year. So I did some catch up.

Naruto is my all time favourite. I don’t read One Piece or Fairytale. I cannot put anything above Naruto. Since I involved myself with manga and anime stuffs, I became aware of vast manga collections exist beside Naruto alone. I tend to be more to manga reader than anime watcher. I love someone giving me recommendations because not all mangas are suitable. I once watched ‘Owari No Seraph’, it is a story of angels and vampires. It includes brotherhood as well. But I only finished the first season. Friends been giving me bad feedbacks about the second season. So I stopped. Same goes to ‘Sword Art Online’. SAO had this very good concept in the first season but fail to maintain it until the second season.

Yes. I am easily influenced.

Update: I am now reading Kingdom manga and about to start with Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime. I don’t finish watching ‘Shingeki No Kyoujin’ second season yet. Wish me luck!

The gist of today is actually attending my sister’s boyfriend convocation at MSU. Happy graduating. I hope you’ll do well in your degree in the future. Life sure isn’t easy but life has mysterious ways to work out.


Tbh, my sister is one precious little sister to me. I don’t always express it. So if anything happens to my sister, I always on the ‘do not know what to do and how to react’ site. I guess her friends did a better job than me. I can say things, give her advice but the choices are all hers anyway. I cannot guide her to make a good choice because I can’t even guide myself. And whenever I say things,  I always make it look like ‘it’s your choice it’s up to you, none of my words matter’. I don’t know how to stress on how important things I say and how I super deadly want her to follow my advices.

I am the naive and weak big sister. I cannot take care of myself let alone others.

So that’s all for today. Now we are heading back to Penang, 352km away at 2.30 am. We stop at Tapah and will continue our journey back after Subuh prayer. Wait for my next post. I have more in minds coming.

Till then, signing off.



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