ZERO 2.0

I have a lot of talking inside my head. There are times I feel like screaming, but I cannot f bring myself to scream. I just want to cry, but my I cannot bring myself to cry. It happens all inside my head. And I hate it when I cannot express it better. I want […]

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When battling your own fight; set the rules, you pick the glaive and you choose the knight who will wield the sword. You are the knight and you are the only winner. Win your battle in the most prideful ways.


Nurturer of Time: A Golden Timing

This became the perfect timing because at the edge of not believing anymore, someone came and offered me reasons to stay believe. At the edge of separating soul and body; so pains onto body wouldn’t hurt the souls but that would only make someone soullessness and dreamless; someone came and glued back all broken parts, patched them and constantly fixing them so damage could not be done any further.

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