Reasons Why I Write

I write whenever I feel devastated.


The 2nd Wave

I am writing this because I feel something is off by the time the plane took off hours ago. Now, its 33999 ft up in the air and I feel kinda homesick even its been only few hours.

A Decade Through Death Note

Changes are good. To move steps ahead, there will be changes and as an audience we have to accept and quickly adapt to them. It's good to see the remake of your favorite franchise in different views.

‘IT’ and the dead of Annabelle Creation.

If you guys been hoping that this movie is one of those like Conjuring, Insidious, the spin-off Annabelle or any of James Wan's movies out there; it doesn't go near any of them at all. It is Supernatural Horror movie genre, so at some point it doesn't make sense. The whole movie doesn't make sense at all. Almost the same feeling you get when you watch 'The Cat In The Hat' or 'Alice In The Wonderland'; you enjoy the plot but you know very well none of it making any sense, but in a good way.

On Scale 1 to 5: Are You Ready To Leave The School Yet?

When you leave school and are pursuing your career, there are no more privileged things which you get from school years; no more school holidays or leisure time. You'll have to start paying bills, learn how to manage your finance; how to make money, save them and use them. And your relationship and love life must be getting serious at this point of your life.

Half-baked Year

I have been dealing with anxiety, insecurities and self-deprecation before and still are. I shut myself for a year and living my life all gloomy. The feeling of never good enough, the fear of people negative validation upon me and the images of failure project themselves before me. Those incessant thoughts keep ruminating days and nights. But I am good at hiding away my emotional turmoil and put on mask for a year. Last year.

Your Name

Your name.It soothes me.It's so euphonic. Make me wanna know you more. To see if you are as pleasant and soothing as your name sounds. Trying to love your name, unbeknownst to me, I fell for you.Falling for you, I'm falling deeper each day that I lose sight of the light above. ButFalling for you... Continue Reading →

Day 3:KL-Klang-Penang

Talking about anime, I was not a fan until two years ago. I love watching Naruto on television whenever they broadcasted it on Cartoon Network channel, two episodes on Friday. Naruto is my all time favourite. I don't read One Piece or Fairytale. I cannot put anything above Naruto. Since I involved myself with manga and anime stuffs, I became aware of vast manga collections exist beside Naruto alone.

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