Day 3:KL-Klang-Penang

Talking about anime, I was not a fan until two years ago. I love watching Naruto on television whenever they broadcasted it on Cartoon Network channel, two episodes on Friday. Naruto is my all time favourite. I don't read One Piece or Fairytale. I cannot put anything above Naruto. Since I involved myself with manga and anime stuffs, I became aware of vast manga collections exist beside Naruto alone.


Day 2: Steps on Malls

But it went well. We ate and had some pictures, but not with the bride. The theme was purple colour which was so elegant and beautiful. Whenever I heard that 'kompang' beats, I always feel excited about it. Because sooner or later, that sound will be at my very own wedding. Anticipating, but not so eagerly.

Day 1: Klang-KL

Being twenty-two years old and I am still excited seeing the infamous twins! I never really get the chance to get out of my old hometown until recent years. My family isn't really a long-distance traveller. So I can say, this is my fourth or fifth time seeing it in front of my eyes. So I am a bit excited.


Maybe because my deepest 'unethical' desire is to be the center of attention after all. I cannot ask for it in my non-dreaming world because nobody like an attention seeker and I will be left with no friend. That's my judgement. So I create the situation in my dreaming world, where nobody don't give a damn about it or at least, I will make them.

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