Day 2: Steps on Malls

5 August 2017

It’s the second day. So we continue on our planned journey. Today, I have a wedding to attend at Gombak. I am very weak with geography and maps so I don’t know how much time does it take to arrive at Gombak. So we left as early as 10.30 am, knowing that we’ll make it on time since the event starts as early as 11.00 am.

We arrived earlier than we expect. Is that a problem? Not at all but it becomes a problem when none of my other friends arrive yet. So I was contemplating whether to go in or wait outside because I don’t know who are the bridegroom’s parents to say my greeting.


But it went well. We ate and had some pictures, but not with the bride. The theme was purple colour which was so elegant and beautiful. Whenever I heard that ‘kompang’ beats, I always feel excited about it. Because sooner or later, that sound will be at my very own wedding. Anticipating,  but not so eagerly.

We left early for a meet up with a friend of mine. We headed to KLCC to meet her there. She is my friend who is so dear to myself. Since I study abroad, it becomes very difficult to plan a meet up with her. She is still having a semester while I am having a break, so we don’t really have a perfect time to gather and have some catch up sessions.

It’s approximately a 30 minutes ride by car from Batu Caves and more or less from Ampang. I had my eyes for Kinokuniya  for such a long time. It has the biggest collections of books I ever know, range from kids to adult, sports to health, educational to entertainment, fictions and self-help. But I didn’t buy anything there because books I want all out of stock. Smh. And I am sure it will take a very long time to browse every single shelf for perfect books which suit my style. I love fictional books but not romance type book. I am more to mystery and fantasy book lover, monsters, dark creatures and angels are the lid to my pot. And I also love self-help books such as ‘The Power of Now” or “You Are A Badass” but I find it easier to finish books with characters and story plot. Oh I found some manga on the shelves but I read them online anyway, so I won’t be needing them for now.

We had our late lunch (for the second time) at Chili’s. Oh my god, it’s so expensive. This may be the first and last time I went there. I thought they serve menu like those at Nando’s and Kenny Rogers but no, their menu are more to Western Italian type. And the serving is big. We both ate two dishes which were actually for four people! We chose Classic Nachos for appetizer and Cajun Pasta in Alfredo sauce for the main dish. I love Alfredo fettuccine but the serving size is too big I cannot finish it alone. So the total was around RM76. So, can you imagine how expensive it was? I bet people already know but I am so kampung because I don’t know. But I do now so I won’t fall to the same trap ever again lol.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

After eating we did some shopping around KLCC. Me and my friends had same interest in skincare. I found a lot of skincare outlets there and that is why I freaking love KL and it’s malls. It has everything I want. Because I prefer physical store more than online shopping, so it is very convenient. I went to Kiehl’s and ‘belief’ stores searching for overnight mask and eyes  cream. I want to try the overnight mask for skin repairing because I believe the best time for skin to replenish what is loss from it is when we sleep. So, you will wake up in the morning with refreshed skin. But in both stores mentioned, one product costs me RM150-RM210. In one product. I know it’s expensive. I did some research before but it still a shocking price to me. So I decided not to take them because I can rather try any drugstore products with the same effect but with lower prices.

But we went to Innisfree store anyway. And spent a lot there. I bought my sister a complete set of facial foam, toner and cream, and bought myself a green tea seed serum. Because my skin care routine is not yet completed. I want to maximise its  result so I have to work harder finding the best product. My sister has an oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. She tried everything but nothing worked on her. That maybe because she never really give a hundred percent commitment in skincare. So the lady at the shop suggest me a complete Bija set. I hope it works wonder on her. I lost another RM300 there. But I got a lot of free samples. Lol.


Done with KLCC stuff. There are a lot of things there. And most of them are shopping and wasting money on clothes and food. My friend and I separated. My sister and I went home and on our way home she wanted to eat some KyoChon. So we stopped at Sunway Piramid.


And I had my first Sangkaya! It is the best flavour in the world. It completes my favourite ice-cream journey. Coconut flavour is simply the best flavour. I had my signature Sangkaya at RM12.20. I do hope we will have that at Penang. Or do we already have it?


That’s for today.

I cancel our plan for next Monday which is Negeri Sembilan. Because I am too tired and have a lot going through my mind right now. I simply overthink but things don’t settle on its own right? I wish to be at home right now. But I have some other things left to do so InsyaAllah tomorrow will be our last day. Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, India Street and Sungei Wei. And if we have some time left, I wish to visit Berjaya Time Square because they have anime store inside lol.

I hope for the best. And much thanks to our loyal driver lol. Your service is much appreciated. Hahaha.

Signing off.


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