absolutely. this is so random. I like to write but I also like to keep my identity anonymous.

my name is somehow cooler and actually sounds more logic and presentable than this but you can call me redscarf. i am a girl, so you may want to add a lil ‘miss’ in front of the name. my friends call me ‘jelitaaa’ for some reasons, but either way you can call me whatever you want.
miss redscarf, miss jelitaa also can. but I think ‘miss jelitaa’ sounds a bit more convincing.
i am from Malaysia, I was born there, lived there, eat-sleep-poops there but now I am miles away from home, studying. so, i may include some of my studying stuff – exams, stress, late night activities- here as one of the contents.
and because i also learnt some about graphic designing (not professionally or officially, not also my course) so i always want my blog to be presentable to the people. so i may make my blog look more minimalist, try to keep it as simple as possible, so there won’t be unnecessary gadgets here and there.
after all, blog is for telling stories to the people right? and i would love some feedbacks from you guys! and don’t worry i will not write in english all the time. i just love english language and am trying practicing them-written or spoken.
you can request anything regarding anything. if you want me to write about travel, study tips, relationship tips, with open hands and open hearts i love to do it. because I love to share.
how to contact me:
so, hope to see you again!
signing off:
miss jelita  – 23/7/2017 – thousands miles away

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