absolutely. this is so random. I like to write but I also like to keep my identity anonymous.(despite i put my picture up at the sidebar widget)

i love red, that is why i display a redscarf here. i go by the name ‘miss jelitaa’ and i wish to keep it that way.
i am from Malaysia, I was born there, lived there, eat-sleep-poops there but now I am miles away from home, studying. so, i may include some of my studying stuff – exams, stress, late night activities- here as one of the contents.
i design-
i work with photoshop, lightroom, adobe premiere,
but those ain’t my forte
i am still studying-
it will take six hell years to finish the degree but it worth the wait, and now I have another one and a half year to finish
 i play games-
but i ain’t a gamer, Mobile Legends, Farmville, Dungeon Boss, etc
i eat, i sleep, i poop, i walk and i talk
and the most important is i tell stories and thoughts
it is always a pleasure to have you here. because i don’t get many visitors but to have you here, it’s an honor to serve.
if this is your first time here, click down below. it’ll help you get to know me and my site here
signing off:
miss jelita  – 25/1/2018 – thousands miles away

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