When battling your own fight; set the rules, you pick the glaive and you choose the knight who will wield the sword. You are the knight and you are the only winner. Win your battle in the most prideful ways.


Nurturer of Time: A Golden Timing

This became the perfect timing because at the edge of not believing anymore, someone came and offered me reasons to stay believe. At the edge of separating soul and body; so pains onto body wouldn't hurt the souls but that would only make someone soullessness and dreamless; someone came and glued back all broken parts, patched them and constantly fixing them so damage could not be done any further.

heart sink, yet eyes tell lie

I am Pleased by the smallest things people did to me. How they reacted to my stories, and smiled whenever my eyes turned as big as those of goldfish. I am pleased whenever I feel needed. I am pleased whenever people ask for my presence. Even though I may call it a day; if people call... Continue Reading →


Ok I'm stucked guys. Things shouldn't be this hard. I am indecisive. And things keep coming in my way of making decision. When I have to make a choice, a simple one actually; but I have to weigh such a huge factors before deciding.  Either I have to act nice or being fair.  Both actions... Continue Reading →


Just get over it! Malas dah nak fikir. I am exposing about myself too much. So I decide to shut everything down from now onwards. No more my stories, no more my feelings. Sekarang ni apa aku rasa, apa aku fikir, apa aku suka, minat aku, my growing interest about something; I'll keep them quiet.... Continue Reading →

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