I Miss You, Dad

I went to a pharmacy today, and while I sat down waiting for my turns, there were these two old men, assumedly in their 60’s perhaps, sitting next to each other. And I was behind them. They chatted like it’s been a long time since their last meeting. Their excitement and all was nothing but an amusement for me.

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I realized the shorter the entry, more people will engage to it and stay loyal until the last full stop. I’ll make it simple as possible but no guarantee.

So, a friend of mine from Twitter, replied to my tweet from last year when I asked what kind of story they want me to write here and she said “Tell us about your medical school journey”, and as a good, decent and responsible person, I have to write about it. What’s the point of asking if you’re not going to take in the advises and work on some?

Let’s go straight to the question: Why medicine?

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I am ashamed of myself that I lose it! Can’t find it again.

I will put this up here: I am looking for a very old book, I forgot the author’s name but the book is called Cinderella Pantai Timur. If anyone has any idea where to find it, please leave a comment.

I owe you guys (and myself) one more post and this should be the third one, of January. It is part of my 2019 resolutions;- to write more, to publish at least three posts in a month. I am off to a good start. And I need to keep this pace for another 11 months. Which is pretty challenging, because it’s going to be busier by this mid year.

Yesterday, I found an activity book which I bought at Typo Australia two years ago and that book is called ‘Do You Ever Ask Yourself What If?’.

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Months before planning this trip, it supposed to be a trip to Austria, to be specific Hallstatt, and Vienna, also Budapest. It was my initial planning actually. Then a month before, I said to my travel mate I am not joining her because I miscalculated my savings therefore a little bit under the budget. Basically, the plans were  buried and she had to find other person to plan the trip. But news came out from everyone that Ryanair had cheap flight to Krakow, Poland. Literally 99 dinar for return ticket!!!!! and that was the craziest deal I ever had in five years.

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How Is My Final Year? Dreadful.

I’m sorry for not writing for a while. I need time to adapt to new environment (as I just moved into a new house) and new stressful classes and ward rounds (as I just entered final year last July). I am dedicated to write and share more, as that’s what I do best. Instead of writing a thread on twitter, I think it’s more appropriate to write here. Twitter is for nothing but rants, period.Read More »