Since The Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindewald is about to come out soon, i’m having ‘potter fever’ throughout this week. Been reading all the trivia and questions about past Harry Potter series and coming Fantastic Beast movies. I’m excited for more Johnny Depp screening times and the answer to ‘how come Nagini is a woman?!’

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How Is My Final Year? Dreadful.

I’m sorry for not writing for a while. I need time to adapt to new environment (as I just moved into a new house) and new stressful classes and ward rounds (as I just entered final year last July). I am dedicated to write and share more, as that’s what I do best. Instead of writing a thread on twitter, I think it’s more appropriate to write here. Twitter is for nothing but rants, period.Read More »

Off to Istanbul


How do we start the day?

Not enough sleep. 

And it’s the holy month Ramadhan. The amount of tiredness, hunger and thirst are incomparable to other months. The threshold was reduced to a point so below that seeing a cat licking a puddle of dirty water on the streets, in broad daylight was so tempting. But I had my composure and went through the days which had been so difficult for me.

Our flight Pegasus Airline departed on 0355am from Amman Queen Alia International Airport, and was scheduled to arrive at Sabiha Gocken, at local time 0845am. I hate airport and I hate all the procedures involved. Make me less favour of flights and airplanes. 

I should make a post about airport, flights and things I hate about them. Hmmm.

Three days upon departure, it had them very rough. There were so many things to manage to the point I did not get enough sleep. And the stress added up every day. I had to move out from the house. So I have to pack everything and take all the boxes to my new house. At the same time, I  will travel home to Malaysia, the same day I finish my trip, so add to stress number two:

packing all the stuffs I have to take back to Malaysia.

And I still have to plan for the trip. Our itinerary wasn’t complete because of non-stop, around the clock final exams; 11 papers,  which I barely survived; but I did (All mercy from god). Which added to the stress number three:

completing a how-the-hell-I-should-do itinerary. 

But here I am waiting for the next connecting flight for Istanbul after dealing with people who do not even know how to line properly, making the process for passport control slower. Not to mention the officers here are not familiar with Malaysian passport, they had to make a call etc etc which resulted in our line being delayed. It was funny because his eyes couldn’t tell the similarities between picture of me on Passport vs me in real life, standing in front of him. Yes, because I wear spectacles in real life but you cannot wear one while taking a passport picture. 

It’s better that way rather than because I put on some weight on my cheeks and also my chin.

I was not impressed by Antalya Airport. Neither Sabiha Airport. It’s only normal for you to claim your baggage at checkpoints of your last flight, even if you have connecting flight before. But they separate international and domestic baggage claim. Mine was direct baggage transfer from Amman. It’s international but my last flight was domestic, from Antalya. 

I waited and no baggage of mine came out, I started to freak out. And then someone had to come and tell us that our baggages were at the international lounge. So yeah, I never knew how they operate. But everything went quite well and still in time I scheduled for each destinations. 

Turkey is lovely! It reminds me the feeling of Malaysia a little bit. The weather wasn’t too hot, perfectly humidified. Turkey is one of the country I’d die to visit, falls second from Japan. All the greens, trees, roads, modernised building and skyscrapers, good public transportation summarise Malaysia in a paragraph. The rest of the page is only completed by having families and loved ones by side. 

Perhaps, someday Japan will be within reach. And perhaps with my loved ones? Solo travel doesn’t sound so bad as well. Haha.

To be continued.

Reasons Why I Write

I write whenever I feel devastated. This is how I cope with my everyday life. The content can be about anything; from movie reviews to my roller-coster feelings and emotions.

I hate thinking solutions to my problems or assuming reasons why people react this or that way towards me? Or questioning do I deserve this kind of life in this lifetime? Because I know, I am not wise enough to decide for myself and every time I choose to, it is a bad end result. I feel like people are laughing at me and make fun of my silly decisions.Read More »

The Second Wave

I am writing this because I feel something is off by the time the plane took off hours ago. Now, its 33999 ft up in the air and I feel kinda homesick even its been only few hours.

The are tons of things which I forget to say before saying goodbye to mom, dad and my sisters and brother. I am used to farewell well enough and manage to not let any tears be at the verge of crying let alone crying and sobbing. I am very well convinced that I’ll be meeting them again next year, just like before. But now being miles away, makes me rethink again I may not be seeing them again; either one of use be gone off the world; crushing against my consciousness that I’ll be regretting, that I don’t hug them enough or saying loving words enough, thank them enough and be grateful to them enough.Read More »

A Decade Through Death Note

It has been a decade since the first animation of Death Note was made. The anime was based on a Japanese manga of the same name by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Later in the same year, two live actions; Death Note 1, Death Note 2: The Last Name, was showcased and two years after that, in year 2008 a spin-off, Death Note: L Change The World was released. There was a long pause until a miniseries; Death Note A New Generation was released in 2015. Following it was a sequel from Death Note 2; Death Note: Light Up The New World, released in 2016.

I have been following the series quite well (except for the miniseries and I have my reason why I left that missing) and to see some changes in the movies, actors, and plots are somethings left to ponder. I am not a fan of its manga or anime; I never read the manga or watch the anime version but I am satisfied by live actions’ version and quite loving the concept of the story overall.Read More »