Day 1: Klang-KL

It was a hectic day, phew!

I just returned from Jordan yesterday at 3.15pm local time. I had my domestic flight to Penang International Airport exactly one hour and a half after my main flight. I miscalculated my journey. I thought there would be ample time for me to wait for the baggage, ran and got to KLIA2, then checked in baggage for my Air Asia flight to Penang. Hell no. There was no time at all. So my only available and logic choice was to left my 23kg baggage with my friend here at Selangor and I myself ran to KLIA2 because my boarding time was at 4.15pm and I was still waiting my inter terminal train at 4.10pm. How crazy was that?


For those who are about to ask – I took KL Express inter terminal train to KLIA2 and it costs me around 2MYR (RM2). It operates every 10 minutes and it should be approximately 3 minutes train ride to KLIA2. There is a free shuttle bus but I do not know where to take it and in my case, I don’t quite sure that is the perfect choice.

so Lesson 1: always spare three to four hours before you scheduled any flights. Even it is a domestic flight.

I don’t like risky situation but always end up in one. I touched down again at Penang International Airport at 7pm local time. So I spent the rest of my night at my home, hope to get a really good night rest. But I didn’t. My back still ached because I ran with laptop on my back and DSLR around my neck. However, I had to have a good night sleep because by tomorrow morning, my sister and I would be leaving to Selangor. I had to keep her accompanied along the journey. Yes, by driving.

It was six hours driving. My sister drive all the way from Penang to Selangor. Reason why I don’t stay at Selangor after I touched down for the first time was because my parents didn’t allow my sister to drive alone. I want to attend a friend’s wedding here and there are some things I want to do around Selangor and KL. So my sister decided to tail around. She, herself has things to do here. So I was left with no choice.

Even though I am tired and exhausted, but it all worth it. I am always in love with city landscapes and skyscrapers. I find them fascinating. I am more to a city-type than a nature lover. I do love nature and greenery and I do promote a greener way of life, but I love seeing buildings in patterns.


Being twenty-two years old and I am still excited seeing the infamous twins! I never really have the chance to get out of my hometown until recent years. My family isn’t really a long-distance traveller. I can say, this is my fourth or fifth time seeing it in front of my eyes. So I am a bit excited.


So this is the famous KLCC, Petronas Twin Tower! What is it? Haha I don’t know  because I never walk into one of those tower. But they say some of the floors are mall, some are offices and administrations. Other than that, you have to google it yourself. Before this wonderful sightseeing, we stuffed ourself with some food. Actually, I want to eat some Korean food at I.O.I mall but it was already late. And my stomach being cranky since yesterday.  Pondan gila. So we decided to take a look around Klang and had our late lunch at Eat & Repeat.


Have you ever heard about a restaurant called ‘Boat Noodle’? It is on the same concept but they have rice. And for those who aren’t familiar about Boat Noodles, they serve noodle but in a very small bowl. So people usually order more than two small bowl for one. And the famous picture on Instagram is a picture of a table full of noodles’ bowls and some stacked bowls. But ours aren’t full because it is rice, we don’t need more than two to fill our stomach lol. And also, we don’t stack our bowls and snap picture of them, no we don’t do that. Ahaha too tired I guess.


so that’s all for today. More days to come. As for tomorrow, I will have a wedding to attend. And I’ll be around malls looking for my dinner costumes. I am thinking to go as Akatsuki member. That’s the easiest even though the merchandises are a bit pricey.

So, until tomorrow! Signing out!








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