On Scale 1 to 5: Are You Ready To Leave The School Yet?

I bet, while attending high school, everyone had this one feeling of deadly wanting to leave the school, be a college student and get a job as soon as possible because ‘adult’ sounds fun, right? That I-can-do-whatever-I-want-to and nobody-can-force-me are like rewards you get when you finally reach the late teen ages so proud to be called an adult. The outraging desire to be off school compound possibly because we want to be free from its rules and regulations; the do’s and don’ts.

However, I learnt a bittersweet truth that none of the above claims of freedom work their wonders yet. Well, I have two years more before officially graduated. And I am questioning myself, am I ready?

Today, I attend my cousin’s convocation day at Mersing, Johor. The sounds of ‘gamelan’ and ‘caklempong’ accompanying all graduates are soothing to ears. The robes they wear are so well made; the patterns and colour have the feels of high-class graduates. Those things will be missed by the time I graduate at my university, because none of those things exist there (gamelan and traditional patterned robes)

Can I request someone play a gamelan song for me?

Seeing my aunt and uncle today, I can tell how proud they are of their daughter. I bet everyone can tell and sure as hell are proud of each other’s daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, grandchild and of course cousins. And her soon daughter/son will be really proud of her/his mom too. (Mommy-to-be!)


Moving around with Nikon D3100, taking pictures of this memorable event, in a crowd full of people; I was thinking what if someone collapse at that time, having difficulty in breathing, in front of me; will I know what to do? Will I make a move? Or just standing there, freaking out and do nothing?

If someone is choking?

If someone having a concussion?

or having a stroke attack?

Worst, heart attack?

As a fourth year student soon to reach fifth, and in two years before graduating, what will happen if I am still clueless about any of these?

When you leave school and are pursuing your career, there are no more privileged things which you get from school years; no more school holidays or leisure time. You’ll have to start paying bills, learn how to manage your finance; how to make money, save them and use them. And your relationship and love life must be getting serious at this point of your life.

you are stabilising your life; on your own terms. This may not hold-water with some people, but to most these are the basic. No one ever teach us before how to embrace adulthood, or no there are no written books on ‘Guides to Adulthood‘ or ‘Wise Steps Taken By Ten Famous Successful Person to Adulthood‘. Or giving us warnings about it.


School life provides us with these kinda things, subtly. If you treat school life as a fun, great way of pre-adulthood prep schools, you’ll get what you want. You’ll see paths laid before you. You have to choose, and no matter which path you choose, it’ll end up taking you to where you want to be as long as you are clear of what do you want. Make it flexible. So that when your ship sails on rough sea and waves, you’ll know which way you have to take, so it won’t be wrecked!

Don’t rush on things.

So, on scale 1 to 5: Are You Ready?


Signing out.


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