CAMERA ROLL: Murdered For Being Different

Murdered For Being Different (4.8/5)

I find this true TV movie moving and it’s an eye opening to the alarming rate of increasing hate crime. Together with Robert, his mum Tracey and Sophie’s mum Slyvia, Nick Leather now handed in a piece of love, “something positive out of something utterly negative”, retells to the society and reminds us how bad is a hate crime.


Ten years ago, on August 24 2007, Sophie Lancester and her boyfriend Robert Maltby were beaten up and attacked by a gang of kids just because they were seen and dressed as a Goth . But Sophie was kicked to death. She was murdered for being different.

Robert never see himself as a Goth. He was just different. He talked differently. He dressed differently. And he liked different things.

Micheal was a witness to the brutal attack and was too afraid to speak up. Actually, there were few kids witnessing the attack but too afraid to butt in and stopped the attack.

“I think this is the reason why – whether it’s Rob or Sophie, Rhys Jones or Shannon Matthews – some of the most affecting dramas of our times are currently the dramas of our lifetimes.”

My jaw dropped as I watched both of them being kicked and beaten up, no normal healthy person can tolerate that amount of blunt traumas. And these kids, they were seen strong because they attacked in a group. They were actually weak individually.

We should stop punishing people just because they are not thinking and behaving like we are. Be it on physical attack or cyber bullying.

Highly recommended.


WATCH HERE:…/murdered-for-being-different.html

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