Discovering Your Passion & Holding Onto It

“This, of course, is easier said than done but wouldn’t you like to at least be able to say that you tried?

Getting a medical degree doesn’t guarantee my future career is me as a doctor. I have other passions and completing my degree is one of them at the moment. However, I just realize that becoming a doctor is not among those passions I would like to hold onto. I simply come to love it in the middle of the process. And it is of one thing that sure hold me back from pursuing things that I love professionally.

Life is too simple. I may graduate, finish my internship and pursue with the master program. Or I may have taken the other paths of my life. Who knows? I am talking about ten to twenty years ahead. Because age shouldn’t be a wall separating you from doing things that make you feel exceptionally happy, right?

Source: Discovering Your Passion & Holding Onto It

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