Pheww … I Barely Survived My 2nd On Call

Ok, so I just finished my second on call, just got back from hospital at 10am today. This is my first time ye on night at ward, before this at PAC, and that day was uneventful, thank God. For those who are unfamiliar with the system, let me roughly brief you guys (so to take you down the road of despair way better yee):

Basically, in my department, we have four shifts. And our leader will decide the schedule for us, and we can have one off day in a week. Sometime kita tak tahu pun our offday, just follow the flow je and we can request specific off day provided it is granted and there’s enough person working in a ward for that day laa. so below I attach my department punya working shifts.


so, the schedule would look like this:

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-04 at 12.02.29 PM

If I have AM shift that day, I’ll the happiest one to go home by 5pm while the sun is still up hahaha, but If I have PM shift that day, I have to do like perfect pass over for the on-caller. Every week, I must have one on-call shift, and last week I was stationed at PAC.

PAC (Patient Assessment Center) like the first counter patient will come and get treated, from here we will decide whether to admit the patient or discharge the patient home. It is where we see and assess the patient’s first. On good day, admission would be like up to 17 in one shift (like this PKP season), and in bad days, God bless, we can have up to 30 new admissions per shift. Alhamdulillah, for this RMO less patients come to the hospital, and on caller that night can manage the place quite okay laa.

Masa aku on call hari tu, last patient came at around 2 am, and I was free until 6 am where tetiba Jonah ya Rabbi ada emergency cases pulak time 15 minit aku nak balik. So, I can say last week was uneventful.

But for last night … pheww.

Because of this COVID19 issue, we have one extra job – untuk jaga kaunter saringan COVID19 – and each of us will take turn to cover the counter saringan max up to 2hrs per person. And sometimes we have to cover the counter two times a day. If we have urgent cases need to be attended STAT, we can ask our fellow housemen to replace us for a while, and that isn’t a problem at all when you work in ‘am-pm shift’ where there are more than 15 housemen working together.

But what happen when you have to ‘jaga kaunter’ at night? There’s only a total of five on-callers at night. And we have to juggle between places sebab nak tolong other housemen cover their jobs kejap because they have something else to do. We depended on each other a lot while on night. And PAC/Labor Room is a never-ending job laa I can tell you. Patient can come to you non stop, labor room also sometime full house meh :/ So memang susah la nak tinggalkan patient yang dah os 7-10cm. untuk jaga kaunter.

Last night, I covered the counter for 5 hours. Doing nothing la except screening all patients coming to PAC. I have a lot of pending work at my ward, and yet I can’t leave the counter because it is my job to screen everyone coming in to get treated. And person that should come to take turn at the counter also have their hands full. There were some active issues at my ward jugak like patient complained of increasing contraction pain, SROM etc etc, other houseman had to attend my patients on my behalf.

Alhamdulliah, dapat rakan sekerja yang tidak berkira dalam tugas. Thank you, and I aspire to be like that also.

Habis je jaga kaunter, when PAC dah start slow down, I started doing my job at exactly 2am. Kena buat post op review, ambik darah (nasib baik tak banyak sangat semalam). I don’t know laa what happened to my luck last night, two patients I poked, no blood coming out mehhh. I poked two-three times already then I gave up la, I asked them to rest because they might get irritated because sakit tau kena cucuk. Kena pulak dengan aku yang bodo bodo lembab ni.

Banyak benda gilaaa tak sempat settle. I is stress

Seth Meyers Stressed GIF - SethMeyers Stressed Cant - Discover & Share GIFs

In my department, on caller is responsible to the whole ward. One person per ward, alone. And each ward have different second responsibility. One have to stand by for operation theater if there is incoming emergency c-sect for fetal distress/suspicious CTG etc etc. One will also have to stand by for OT if another OT is opened, possibly because there is two fetal distress cases at the same time. And another ward will have to standby for ambulance call. Nasib baik takde semalam Ya Allah terima kasih. So if respective HOs are not there at their respective wards, kita yang ada la kena cover two-three wards at one time. Masa tu kau solat hajat + solat taubat siap siap la minta doa takde active issues weiiii.

So semalam aku cover the whole ward. I didn’t manage to do post-op review within 4 hours (I did it after 11 hours post delivery tsktsk), baru check balik all plans yg medical dah bagi, yang MOs dah kasi tapi tak sempat carry out lagi. Then I also didn’t manage to complete two of my inward clerking, one last sekali sempat buat and the other one …. hmmm already safely delivered hahahaha. With 4-5 new cases masuk, post SVD pulak. Kena tambah discharge summaries dalam list …

I really want to do those discharge summaries, because I am not yet master that skill la. I do discharge summary so slowwwww. Dah la 3-4 form kena isi. But I didn’t have the time last night I really don’t and I felt guilt towards my teammates, but they chop chop do it faster than me once sampai pagi tu for their respective shifts.

God bless the seniors!

The whole night, I looked at the clock and prayed that time would go by slowly. Usually, I would pray that morning will come, and fellow HOs will also come to cover the job, and I can go home by 9.00 am. But last night, I was hoping there was an extra two hours for me to complete the job. I didn’t want to leave messy pass over for my fellow teammates, no way laa. However, this is the best I can do. I tried to attend everything fast. I am ashamed to ask for seniors’ helps because I don’t want to be a burden to them while they also had their hands full.

To add the spice for last night, this morning when doing morning round with specialist, I presented the case so bad. I am bad at everything oh my god how the hell I passed my medical school?!!! Oh my god. HUHUHUHUHUHUHU. Penat wei jadi bodo.


Ni la aku bila balik.

Tomorrow I will have my third on call. Hmmmmmmmmm. Another ward which has more beds and patients than last night. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Signing out- Najwa.



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