I Miss You, Dad

I went to a pharmacy today, and while I sat down waiting for my turns, there were these two old men, assumedly in their 60’s perhaps, sitting next to each other. And I was behind them. They chatted like it’s been a long time since their last meeting. Their excitement and all was nothing but an amusement for me.

It’s not I was eavesdropping or anything like that, there might not be a good, inspirational slash motivational slash sad stories here, none. But, when looking at them both, I see them wrinkling at the corner of their eyes, under the skin of their hands and when they were laughing, that’s it! The laugh lines, they were obviously visible as they wrinkled in time.

I wonder how many hearts had ease up with those smiles, to see it got old, their daughter, son, their wives and grandchildren. Those laugh lines were telling as if each wrinkles there, served a good purpose?

I couldn’t see much from behind, even if I was in the perfect view I wouldn’t recognise them. But one thing I still clearly remembered and hit right up on me was one of them had the exact same complexion as my late dad.

And everything came in, like a waterfall hushhhh, came into my mind …. like …. a breezy wind on cold night, It’s breezy but it’s cold too.

Dad, I never get to see you getting old. I never get to see you wrinkling in time, I will never know how your laugh lines will look like.

Dad, you never get to taste old age.

And I, never in my mind, would have expected that your time is up. Time really isn’t ours, but we always think it is. Thus, we take it for granted. And time never like it that we take him for granted.

I miss you dad, I really do. There’s nothing I can do just so to hug you again.

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