Your Tri-Wizard Cup: If you are thinking, you’re going ahead of everyone else.


There is a time when you think you have done better than anyone else; simply means you put your hard work and efforts two times ahead of everyone else. You are ahead by finishing two chapters more, or having done much better at charity by giving two cents more; or thinking you are the person most busiest, with most undecided priorities just because you spent two hours more out of the house instead of laying in bed at home.

When your efforts are put into a test; the results are laid before you. You are doing good, the hard works are paid. After all you are satisfied. And a surge feeling of accomplishment fills your vessels till your voice cracks out of happiness, and your eyes shine of proud and triumph.

Till you realize someone did it better than you. And you go like,

“Oh goddamn it! She beats the crap out of me! I thought I am at the top.”

There is always someone advancing better than you by seconds. It cannot be only you who seek improvement and advancement in life. If you think you are two steps ahead, there is someone out there has been working day and night to be four steps ahead of you. And somewhere, may be thousands miles from you, exists someone else who put his best effort to be ten times ahead of you.

However, those craps of who’s-effort-are-the-best or who’s-doing-it-better sort of things mean nothing but a bunch of bullshit and ridiculous thoughts.

It doesn’t matter how others are doing. What truly matters are; how are you doing? How is it going after your last failure? How is it going after your last fight? Are you gonna end this fight without advancing from your last stand point? Or are you gonna lower your point even more?

“Welcome today, champions! Now, you’ve waited, you’ve wondered, and finally, the moment has arrived” – Albus

If you think you will have score a hundred-years worth victory by getting two points more compare to your last battle; then that shall be your Triwizard Cup. And if you think surviving is what matters most now, who the hell care about getting ahead of anyone?!

The Triwizard Cup is the goal for which Harry is competing. It symbolizes his reward for all the struggle and hardship he has endured as the youngest unintended champion in the Tournament.

You choose your way of winning. You are the master of your championship. And you are the only champion exist. If you fail, then you fail. But you are not a disgrace. Cause you can set another fight, and all you have to do, is win the next fight. – said by the best 300-Man commander, Shin of the Hi Shin Unit.

“Oh crap!”

Nobody is a failure. When fighting their own battle. Warrior shall stand! As high as the heaven.

Signing out, Najwa Shamsudin.

2 thoughts on “YOUR TRIWIZARD CUP

  1. Discovered you from First Friday. This is a great message. We set ourselves back or let failure drag us down more when we are constantly comparing ourselves with the progress of others. We need to set our own path and win life in our own way.


    • Oh hi ๐Ÿ˜‚ welcome here. And thanks ๐Ÿ˜‚.

      Yes. People have their own way of winning. They can’t see because they’ve been blinded by the progress of others that they can’t see their owns. They should know they will always win if they let themselves win in their own ways

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