heart sink, yet eyes tell lie

I am Pleased by the smallest things people did to me. How they reacted to my stories, and smiled whenever my eyes turned as big as those of goldfish. I am pleased whenever I feel needed. I am pleased whenever people ask for my presence. Even though I may call it a day; if people call my name, it become a compulsory to answer to such a calling. It is never my loss.

I am a person that rely on others’ happiness  to have mine. I feel a surge feeling of undeservedly happiness if someone around me having troubles. Happiness is to be shared after all. But can you?

In this twenty-two years of blissful, blessed life that has been bestowed upon me; never once I feel this strong bond of relationship between me and my friend. I may call her an angel sent from above; bestowed upon me so that this ride shouldn’t be as bumpy as it seems to be. So that I may have a taste of the sweetest sweet of life I can ever imagine. That not all relationships are toxic and some are meant to keep tight and worth fighting.

But rides won’t always go as smooth as similes. Rides meant to have their own way to reach the destinations, designated perfectly so that riders may learnt; the bitter truth of life. The knots are slowly unloosing. Now, actions seem far within grips. Words cannot get through the thick skull. Communication is nothing if it is one sided.


I am pleased.

To know that she manages well outside. She doesn’t have any problems with others. She eats, she still have a good sense of social life. She responds well to questions. In a nitpick, she is good.

But I am not pleased.

By the fact she is cool with everyone but me.


People always ask you for more time.

I need time. Time is all I need. Wait there. I will walk the path towards you. But if you find it hard, feel free to leave. 

Will you comply?

Yes you will! Until you realise that time isn’t  yours to give.


Out of any options available.

Till then.

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