Since The Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindewald is about to come out soon, i’m having ‘potter fever’ throughout this week. Been reading all the trivia and questions about past Harry Potter series and coming Fantastic Beast movies. I’m excited for more Johnny Depp screening times and the answer to ‘how come Nagini is a woman?!’

I was thinking of setting up a proper youtube channel and making  videos on various, unspecified things there – i can talk about books and movies, songs, and a lot GTNM tag there. I love to share but I am afraid to talk and speak. I believe the best way for me to deliver a message is through writings. But I’d love to try. What do you think?

I search on the web a series of questions on Harry Potter franchise; books and movies, which would help you to get to know me more. This is not a trivia or quizzes about the books/movies. It’s more to what would I choose/who’s the best/who’s least best yadaa yadaa.  You can ask yourself this set of questions, answer it and you’ll get to know yourself more. You don’t have to be a serious Potterhead to play this game. You only need to:

1) watch the movies

2) know few characters/spells

3)have the best/least out of all

Let us get started:

  • Which House Do You Belong To?

GRYFFINNNDOOORR! Haha before, I said I would be in Ravenclaw because it’s too cliche to say Gryffindor as the house of choice. Slyhterin is not a bad choice at all, if I am in Slytherin I’d be the best ‘slyhterian’. But as for now I would like to stick with Gryffindor for the sole purposes of many of my favorite characters were there, to name a few The Wesley Brothers, Cedric Diggory, Seamus,Oliver Wood and etc. But Ravenclaw had Luna Lovegood. Ah I am torned.

Image result for sorting hat gif

But I took Pottermore Sorting Hat test, and I was sorted into Gryffindor. So I am a true Gryffindor!

  • Which Deathly Hallows Would You Choose?

The Invisibility Cloak! Period.

  • Which Character You Would Have  A Secret Crush On?

Oliver Wood! The Quidditch Captain, he played a fair Keeper! I know I will have a crush on him the moment his character was first introduced on The Philosopher’s Stone. Haha

Image result for oliver wood gif


  • Favourite Movie?

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban! Because my favorite spell was first conjured in this movie (take a guess before moving to this question later). I like the plot here, I like Hermione here, the Buckbeak was my favorite! haha and there are so much in this movie that re watching it again doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The first time Harry  learnt he had a godfather, which he could rely on, it was a heartwarming reunion of them two.

  • Least Favourite Movie?

The Goblet Of Fire! Frankly, I will say I enjoy half of GOF movie, and another half is very well a bad moment for me. I like the idea of three wizarding schools came together for The Triwizard Championship, also the idea of stages of battles using spells, and Portkey! I can see lot of new spells, new characters and new places (Black Lake). But, we lost our precious Cedric Diggory here, and from there onward, Harry will face new struggles because Lord Voldemort was resurrected! That was why I don’t like this movie. Sad.

I will opt for The Chamber of Secrets for second choice!

  • Which Movie Would You Like To Remake?

Goblet Of Fire! I do not read the book, but I would like them to put more in the championship. More tests, something like that.

  • Which Death Is The Most Heartbreaking?

Easy. Sirious Black! On The Order of Phoenix movie. Harry was about to get all happy and live a beautiful life with his godfather but he died of most heartbreaking death. Died of spell Avada Kadavra by Bellatrix Lestrange. I won’t say the death of Albus Dumbledore because he chose too. But if I am to choose a second option, it would be Remus Lupin’s death.

Image result for sirius black death gif


  • Which Quidditch Position Would You Play?

Keeper! I do not like speed, so I choose to stay in my position and protect the goal posts. Easy.

  • Favourite Quote?

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” – The Sorcere’s Stone

I remembered this was said to Harry Potter by Professor Dumbledore the night he was caught in front of Erised Mirror. Actually until now, I am clueless of what is the function of Erised Mirror, how did it work?

Image result for one do not dwell on dreams gif


  • Favourite Wesley?

Fred and George! The question asks to choose only one Wesley but Fred and George, they could not exist without one another. So, both of them is considered as one.

  • Travel To Hogwarts By Hogwarts Express or Flying Car?

‘Hogwarts Express! Platform 9 and 3/4 this way!’ Haha, that was my favorite line besides ‘bloody hell’ lol.  I don’t like flying on airplane, what makes you think I’d enjoy a ride in flying car?

  • Hippogriff or Firebolt?

Hippogriff! I’d like to have Buckbeak of my own. Aww. So cute.

  • Favourite Spell?

Wand at a ready, Expecto Patronum! This is one of the most powerful defensive, and hardest charm ever known to wizardkind. I like it because it’s so beautiful, and magical. Well, of course all others spells are indeed magical, if not what are they? But this one spell which actually take shapes of animals.

“As a pure, protective magical concentration of happiness and hope (the recollection of a single talisman memory is essential in its creation) it is the only spell effective against Dementors” – pottermore

If I am asked about which spells would help me in life, it would be Accio! It would be easy to find lost things. For example:

“Accio motivation!”

  • What Is Your Patronus Would Be?

Phoenix! I would like my patronus to be one that is delicate, and graceful like a swan, or a female deer but has a powerful appearance, and strong as a dragon.  If I am to choose my own Patronus, I’d like to have a Phoenix, but it doesn’t work that way. Patronus reflects the conjurer personality, what he/she has been through life, falling in love or yadaa yadaa.

But I took some tests on Pottermore to choose my Patronus, and it is a Siberian Cat!

  • Favourite Subjects?

Defence Against the Dark Arts. This post’s role was changed through out the series, a never ending set of teacher came and left. Started with Professor Quirrel, Gilderoy Lookhart, Remus Lupin, Alastor Moody (supposed to be), Dolores Umbridge and last by Severus Snape. By favourite charms here is Expelliarmus!

  • If You Can Resurrect One Person, Who Would It Be?

Remus Lupin. Who else?! Sobs.

There are many more questions you can find here and here.

Join me on Pottermore, sign up a profile and learn more about your House, your Patronus and wand.

So, now it’s time for you to ask yourself this questions. Are we playing tagging games? Haha sadly no because I rarely get many visitors and I don’t know many bloggers which I can tag them.

So calling to all Potterhead out there! Cast your spells and be proud of your blood. Muggle-born or pure blood, the moment you receive your Hogwarts acceptance letter, is all that matter.

So, see ya in the next post! Bye!

below are other questions you can ask yourrself or use them to play with your friends?

  1. Favorite male/female character?
  2. Best Scene From Goblet Of Fire Movie?
  3. Favorite potions?
  4. What Would You Buy From The Weasley Wizard Wheezes?
  5. Your Favorite Maurader?
  6. Best of all seven Horcruxes?
  7. Hallows or Horcruxes?
  8. Which Characters Would You Like To Be Best Friend With?
  9. Favorite/least favorite professors?
  10. What would you choose between the three Forbidden Spells?
  11. Favorite Villain?



  1. I guessed the patronus spell and i am rightttt. I have always wanted to read the series but alas, I’ve never. I did that pottermore test too but i forgotten my house and my patronus. lol. Maybe on onele fine day i will read the series. I’m so excited for johnny depp too. He has his own charm in acting and I’m excited to see thise brought into the harry potter realm. This is excitingggg. Btw, do the video! I will totally support you, we need more vloggers with good content!


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