The Second Wave

I am writing this because I feel something is off by the time the plane took off hours ago. Now, its 33999 ft up in the air and I feel kinda homesick even its been only few hours.

The are tons of things which I forget to say before saying goodbye to mom, dad and my sisters and brother. I am used to farewell well enough and manage to not let any tears be at the verge of crying let alone crying and sobbing. I am very well convinced that I’ll be meeting them again next year, just like before. But now being miles away, makes me rethink again I may not be seeing them again; either one of use be gone off the world; crushing against my consciousness that I’ll be regretting, that I don’t hug them enough or saying loving words enough, thank them enough and be grateful to them enough.

You can say my heart is as cold as ice and I am not a crybaby too. Little farewell isn’t enough to let me show my weak side and crying because I know they will be there, not going anywhere. One thing I forget is that each person has their own thread, which guides them to destinations of different paths. The only reason why we meet because our threads intertwine. And reason why we are attached to each other and cannot let go is because our threads are knotted together. Farewells loosen the knots and there may be or may not, our threads will cross again; so do our paths and faiths.

I am afraid,

I do not have enough pictures of them,

or videos of my mom laughing to my dad jokes,

or dad making dad’s jokes,

or little brother doing stunts, or little sister with her silat and taekwando things.

Because I cannot let go, so I cannot lose them. But that isn’t mine to decide. and now accompanied by The Conjuring 2 film which I watched them million times already, and flight lunch that I didn’t finish because I don’t like flight’s food, there are no Internet connection here so I’ll wait until we reach Doha to update this.

But adding to the good part for today bumpy ride of feeling was that I was able to finally meet someone I’m dying to meet and get to know. It was ok. Let the rest be a history, recorded into my books.

Signing off.

2.05 pm from Doha; Hamad International Airport

Two hours to departure.


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