‘IT’ and the dead of Annabelle Creation.

Since their first promotion and coming soon poster, I’ve been anticipating this movie. The trailer had all one horror movie can offer, the suspense and plots. It didn’t reveal much in the trailer and I think that is the best way to keep people wondering what is all about? Why everyone been so crazy about a clown? I mean, what can a clown does harm?


And if you are a fan of Stephen King’s book and never miss any of his books, you can bet that the plots would be super awesome. I don’t read the book so for me this movie is better than some horror movies out there. For those who read the book might find it to be different from the original copy (the same feeling I have when Attack On Titan live action was a total failure).

The start of the movie is the same as the first few minutes in the trailer. On one rainy  evening, specifically dated back to 1988, when Georgie (Jackson Robert) mysteriously disappeared while playing alone with a paper boat made by his brother Bill (Jaeden Lieberher). Since that day, kids had been reported missing. Until a year after, Bill and his friend decide to investigate the truth behind the missing kids of Derry, Maine neighbourhood.



It took quite some time for the plot to develop before it reached the climax part. It develops by introducing each characters individually. But no fear, even though it took quite a long time but this part of development is the core to the plot overall. If this ‘part’ is left missing, I would say it will leave such a big hole to this movie piece. If compare to ‘Paranormal Activity’ franchise, this movie developing plot works much better. It succeeds to make me guess and anticipate what is and what’s not of each characters.

what make me feels so ‘awww‘ or ‘yesssss‘ about this movie is one of the kids in the movie was one of those who act in ‘The Stranger Things’ Netflix series Season 1 (Season 2 is coming out this October). In addition to this awesome feeling, is the character (Richie) played by Finn Wolfhard is totally different from the one in TST (Mike). Through the whole 2 hours 15 minutes movie, I was like “ohh  yeahhh that is my boy you there! Kill the plot come on kid. I wanna see you in the next season but you better make this movie a piece first!”.

Mike from The Stranger Things

And I know. He can go far. I just know it.


If you guys been hoping that this movie is one of those like Conjuring, Insidious, the spin-off Annabelle or any of James Wan’s movies out there; it doesn’t go near any of them at all. It is Supernatural Horror movie genre, so at some point it doesn’t make sense. The whole movie doesn’t make sense at all. Almost the same feeling you get when you watch ‘The Cat In The Hat‘ or ‘Alice In The Wonderland‘; you enjoy the plot but you know very well none of it making any sense, but in a good way. I always have this bad feeling when I start thinking ‘that’s crazy that could not happen in our world.’ and I hate that  because it makes me question myself why I even waste my money on this shit. (Like I wasted my time and money watching Sadako vs Kayako). No worry, if you enjoy Alice In The Wonderland, then you’ll surely enjoy this one. Only that ‘IT’ gives creepy and horrible feelings throughout the movie.



Yes it does. Very much alike any horror movies out there. Enough to make you cover your face with your hand or scream in the hall. The movie is disturbing enough but not to the point that you will believe and scare the shit out of you in the real world. But if one day the world is turned upside down and all horrible things you think can only happen in the dream reincarnate as a reality, then you will have all reasons to hate this movie and why does it exist.



Every movie has its own fans. When I said the dead of Annabelle Creation, it doesn’t mean that the movie is bad or terribly done. I love Conjuring, Insidious, and their spin-off franchises very well. However, Annabelle Creation failed to place itself higher that a clown movie can beat it and push it even lower than Logan (which I watched last two months).

I now know why this movie is rated ’18 and above’! Imagine all kids watching this movie, they will come to hate a clown all the time. They will grow up thinking that clowns are there to haunt people. I don’t personally hate clowns because I think they are funny and cute.

But Pennywise The Dancing Clown?! Ohh uhh. No thank you. I very much want to kill every piece of him.


Overall rating: 8.5/10.

I can give the movie a ‘nine’ but better left some for other reviews. I am not a professional, but this is my honest review and comments about this movie. Besides, 8 is already a good number.


so remember, YOU WILL FLOAT TOO!

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