2 thoughts on “Zero

  1. Hey there. I have been reading your blog a bit and like what I’ve seen. But this post here made me a little sad. We should all learn to love ourselves and who we are. I had a post related about building ourselves before dating. While you’re obviously not looking at dating you might still find a few article from our own blog uplifting or inspirational to yourself. My partner, she wrote a very nice article on such things. You may want to give it a look: http://wp.me/p8IlFW-1y It may not seem related at first, but go through it, I think you’ll be surprised.



  2. Well thank you. I appreciate this. I struggle with this self-deprecation for almost a year. And there are up and down phases. But thanks for the suggestion. I love reading self-improvement materials. 🙌🏻


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